Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my R3dlog.txt?

Go into your game folder and scroll down. You will find the file "r3dlog.txt". Keep in mind that every time you launch the game, that file is overwritten, so if you get any errors send us the files right after the crash and before you open the game again or save it with a different name till you are able to send it. 

Alternatively you can open the file and copy its content to paste2.org, click on SUBMIT and send us the link you get from it. 

Please do not share this file in public areas like Discord or Facebook pages, as it may contain personal information (account names, IPs, etc...). 

I have some questions for the staff, how can I contact them?

You can join the Official Discord Server at discord.gg/newfrontier and interact with other players and staff members. You can also use our Ticket System to send your questions and doubts below.

Ticket System

How to submit a ticket?

On the Support Page, click on the Support Tickets Icon or click here.

You are required to login. If you don't have or don't know your account information, you can choose the option "Login with Facebook".

On the next page, click on SUBMIT TICKET. Select the category, insert a SUBJECT and write your ticket.

Small reminder, our staff team all speak English in additional to a few other languages. If you are uncomfortable with writing the ticket in English, you can write in your own language. However, the replies will most likely be in English. 

After you finish writing your ticket, click on SUBMIT A TICKET. 

What are the requirements to play the game?
64-bit: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 64-bit ( 32-bit not supported )
Processor: Intel Core i5 / AMD FX-6300
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB / AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 16 GB available space

If you need the explaination in a different language, check out the New Frontier Steam Page

How can I reset my game settings?
Go to the directory where the game settings are saved. Default is C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\WWO and delete the file GameSettings

How long will New Frontier be in Early Access?
This is a question that doesn't have a precise answer. We will keep the game on Early Access while we are still fixing big amounts of bugs and bringing in content we think is basic for the game. Some of these things will require time mostly and we won't rush the game to a new stage if it's not ready for it. 

How can I join your discord server?

You can use the permanent invite link discord.gg/newfrontier or click on it and it will automatically redirect you to the Discord Server. 

Will there be a Account Wipe after Early Access?

We do not plan on doing any kinds of WIPE for the time being. However, if we find necessary to wipe items and things that are broken or bugged, we will do so. There is no "Wipe Phase" between Early Access and full release, though.

Will there more world events coming?

Yes, we plan on having more Global Events. Since the game is in Early Access, sometimes other things take priority over the new content, so there is no ETA on new events. 

How can I apply a skin on my weapon?

To reskin a weapon, do the following:

  1. Open your items menu (TAB)
  2. Right-Click the weapon you want to reskin
  3. On the Weapon Overview window, the available skins will be on the bottom left of the screen
  4. Choose the skin you want to apply and click on APPLY

How can I create a clan?

Clans are currently unavailable but they will come on a later stage of the development. 

What happened to my Wild West Online account?

Wild West Online accounts were migrated to New Frontier so you CAN use the same login information. However, all the accounts were wiped and all the Treasure Notes spent in game were refunded to your account. 

What are TNs and how can I get them?

TN means Treasure Notes which is the premium currency in New Frontier. You can buy them with real money on the in-game store. With this currency, you will be able to buy skin bags, private server (unavailable at the moment), cosmetics for your horse/character and some other small perks. 

How can I increase the Store Level in the game?

This feature is not fully implemented yet. In the future, you will receive missions to complete and gain EXP with that vendor to level them up and unlock more purchasable items.

What are flares and what can I do with them?

You can purchase flares in the store (available in the character menu). With these flares you can call Balloons that will have loot. However, keep in mind that anyone in the server at the time can come and try to fight you for them. They can be opened by anyone in the server and they show up on everyone's map when called. 

If I die, do I lose everything?

No, you will not lose everything. Items in your quickslots (except for some rare guns) do not drop upon death. You will lose part of your money (small amount) and some of the Valuables in your inventory. You can go back to them and grab the items and so can other players so be very careful.

To collect the items dropped on death, interact with your Gravestone where you died. 

Is there a way to tell if someone is a criminal?

If someone has gone to the bad side of the law, they will instantly show up on the map for everyone. You, as a stand up citizen, can try to hunt them down and kill them even inside safezones. If you do get Bandit Status, be very careful and avoid populated areas. 

How to know the right time of the game?

You can see the in-game time in your item menu (TAB). You can see it on the top right of the screen, next to your current money. 

Where can I find animals or creatures?

Animals and creatures are spread across the map. Creatures are usually in farms that have been abandoned by their owners and animals can be found in forests and open fields. If you use a Hunting Map, they will be temporarily highlighted on the map if there are any ANIMALS close to you. 

Can other player destroy my house?

Yes, they can. You always have to make sure that your chests are hidden inside your house and of course look for a hidden place to place your building to keep the bandits away.

What does protection do on my land deed?

This is the protection against the decay of the building. As soon as the protection time runs out, your land will decay and everything you have in there, including your ownership of the land (LAND DEED) will be lost. 

How do I claim my Daily Rewards?

You will get every 24 hours a Daily Reward. If you start your game the first time of the day, then you will get a pop up with the information where to claim your Daily Reward.

Overall you have to join any game server and go to Vainbank. There you have to interact with Will Ferguson which is located inside the Sheriff Departement on the first floor.

As soon as you interact with this NPC, you get a pop up with 3 possible rewards listed. You just have to choose one of them and then hit the accept button to receive your Daily Reward.

Where can I find the minidump file?

Normally it's located inside the same folder than your game settings "C:\users\Documents\WWO"  or inside your game folder. The best way to find it fast is by searching "minidump" in your windows explorer and finding any folder related to New Frontier/WWO. 

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